Piercing Practice In Miami, FL

To start the piercing process, mark the place where the piercing will be placed with a special pen. Then, you start drilling with a special needle. Then the earring is inserted into the cavity made. The process varies depending on where the piercing is to be placed.

There are several types of piercing shops in Miami. We meet four large groups in which we can catalog them all:

Facial Piercing:

It is necessary to know that an ear-piercing if it is in cartilage, it is recommended to do it without a gun since with this there are more propensities to become infected. In addition, the gun cannot put the appropriate piece for the area to be drilled since the pieces are all unique, and not all people can have the same stocking. In the nose, it is easy to suffer problems due to the mucosa, and in the eyebrow, they will always be placed on the side to avoid touching any facial nerve.

Oral Piercing:

Located in the oral cavity, we find it on the tongue and lips. They are the most delicate due to the number of bacteria that pass through the mouth, and that can cause problems after drilling. Both can cause wear and fractures in the enamel of the teeth and gums.

Body Piercing:

The most common is at the navel and at the nipple. You have to clean them a lot with a neutral gel and take great care since they are very sensitive areas. Wearing loose clothing is recommended to avoid friction.

Genital Piercing:

It is the most delicate of all due to the high risk of infection. Great care must be taken with spermicides and lubricants, as they can cause painful irritations. It is recommended to avoid oral contact in the first months.

After the implantation of the piercing in the body, there are some indications that are recommended to be followed during the first months to avoid infections.

  • Prolonged bathing in pools or hot tubs should be avoided in the first two months.
  • The sun can be seriously damaging because ultraviolet rays do not promote the disinfection of pierced skin or scarring.
  • Avoid alcohol, chewing gum, tobacco, spicy foods, and oral sex for four to eight weeks whenever you pierce your lip or tongue.
  • Carefully clean the rings or bars during the healing period of the piercing, with well-sanitized hands and mild soap before touching the wound. In addition to neutral soap, the physiological serum can be used for healing.

Keep in mind that the healing time of the piercing and the healing process varies depending on where the piercing is located. Despite this, the average healing time is four to eight weeks, while the healing time is usually longer.

Do not hesitate any longer and make the right decision, you will not regret it, that is, always looking for a place where the professional named piercer or bander is titled and with his sanitary certificate correctly and his vaccines up to date.

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